To be or not to be (Open on Thanksgiving)

Posted:: October 28, 2015

open thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love to spend it with my family having a good time, a good meal and good conversation. This year is especially important, since it is the first Thanksgiving we’ll spend together without my grandfather. The patriarch of my family passed in June of this year after his battle trying to recuperate from a stroke. We need each other more than ever this year.  I will absolutely spend my time with them and reconnect with some that I haven’t seen recently enough.

That being said, I will also stay my dedication to the people of my community. The Flower Room is a small business and operates with only a few employees. None of them will be asked to join me during the Thanksgiving Day. Flowers help people to connect with each other. They are not always thought of ahead of time, so yes, I will be here on Thanksgiving morning to create last minute centerpieces and help people find hostess gifts. I want every person heading to a Thanksgiving meal to feel the warmth of the holiday. If my flowers help them to get there, that’s a bonus.

The big box retailers are a whole different animal, and I am all for the ones who have decided to give their employees the day off. Keep black Friday on Friday. They shouldn’t make employees sulk in after their dinner to wait on hordes of consumers who cannot wait until the morning to get those snow boots on sale or 1/2 price Tickle Me Elmos (or whatever this year’s gotta-have-it toy might be). Many of them have said “No” this year. I applaud them for their choice, though the choice was made based on consumer complaints from the last couple of years. None of us really want to see our community members missing out on family time.

Please do not feel bad that I will be here, or bad for any other small business who has stayed open for your convenience on Thanksgiving. We are all here by choice. Feel free to thank us for giving up part of our day to make life easier for you. We love to know that our choices are helpful to the community around us. After all… That’s what we’re here for. So, stop in, share a smile and support your local retailers. They are the faces that give the most back to the towns that you live in.

This is a nice article by Fortune Magazine that talks about some of the large retailers that have decided not to open on Thanksgiving